Within the strict compliance with a programme that we have called to face up the well known financial recession, the end of wich is not yet foreseeable, IMMEA decided to be present, also at this exhibition, particularly dedicated to the field of the coating products, wich means the most part of our market.

Just because these so difficult world market conditions, we have considered, and we think, it is absolutely well-timed to intensify, at the best, every possibility to meet our Customers, and to do every technical effort in order to improve the quality of our production and, if possible, to enlarge the range of our proposals.

While a world crisis, is not really the right condition to invest in human and financial resources, or simply in activities production oriented, nevertheless to concentrate any effort just for surviving, it could mean do not reach the business recovery, and if would be possible, the meeting would find the enterprises on their last legs: the physical law asks, for the starting inertia, stronger forces than for maintaining the state of the things.

IMMEA has exhibited an automatic filling machine, the most common one for the paint industries, gravimetric type, by pneumatic control, but full of important modifications and improvements with the view to simplify the product and the format changes: these operations are to day very frequent, due to the high specialization of the products, with the consequent sharing and reduction of the lots.

More than to show those novelties, the IMMEA’s interest were to meet, face to face, the traditional Customers in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, so different from the visits at home, in the factory, very often in great hurry; and as second, but not less important aim, to have the chance to know new people, potential new Customers.

As conclusion we can confirm the positive experience and result of the presence to the Genoa Eurocoat.

Nevertheless we take the liberty of doing some reservations, not relevant the organization of the event itself, but about the choice of the location in Genoa, even so pleasant, important, hospitable town, but not provided with adequate facilities to be reached from far foreign Countries, North Africa particularly, wich are forced to pass from Milan: up to day any direct flight available from that area to Genoa.

Hoping in a close solution of these “problems”, by whom that have the duty to think on the matter, we will do our best to make stronger our position on the market and, as well, for giving our contribution, even if modest, to the coming out from the crisis.

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