DAP – Automatic filling machine by Weight

0. Description of the basic machine
Series of filling machines suitable for any kind of liquid product, in rigid containers, within the range from 0,5 kg to 300 kgs.
Fully pneumatic operated.
Pneumatic or PLC control, suitable for dangerous area, on request.
The machines of this family are identified with the mark, DAP, N°T, XX where:
DAP, series of automatic fillers by weight.
N°T, number of filling heads.
XX, this number corresponds to the Max scale capacity, in kgs.

1. Connections to the power nets:
a. The machine is operated by compressed air at 6 Bar (minimum pressure for a reliable running: 5 Bar)
b. The machines equipped with a load cell scale need to be fed by electric power, as well, at 220V – 50 Hz except for specific request.
c. Product to be packed, from feeding net, or by gravity from a tank, or by pump.
d. Washing-rinsing product, if available

2. Machine configuration
Further to the filling head(s), the machine is normally completed with some complementary devices:
Empty containers feeding system.
Container orientation with reference to the excentric filling hole, or to the handle, or for marking-labelling in a proper area.
Cover-cap dispensing.
Closing devices: by pressing, screwing, crimping.
Furthermore the filling machine could be just part of a complete packing line that goes from the pallet of empty container up to the final pallet of the packed product.

3. Preliminary adjustments
a. To adjust the height from the working plane of each operating device (filling head, cover dispenser, press, etc).
These operations, on request, can be automated.
b. To adjust the passage width for the containers, on the machine working plane and up and down stream conveyors.
The operation, on request, can be automated.
c. To set the scale.
The machine carries out the filling operation in two stages:
Coarse filling, Max opening of the nozzle to fill approximately 80÷90% of the final weight.
Topping up, partial automatic closing of the nozzle, to fill up to 98÷99% of the final theorical weight, considering the “flying product” when the scale sends the signal of the final weight got.
The sharing of the filling, in those two stages, will be very important, determining the output capacity and the accuracy of the filling operation.
Mechanical scale
The two stage limits, (figures), can be setted by the adjustment of the position of two proper pneumatic sensors, on the dial scale.
Load cell scale
To set the two stage limits by the keyboard of the scale

4. Operation
It is suggestable to start in “Manual” mode, for passing to the “Automatic” mode, only after to have checked the right weight of the first 4÷5 containers and the perfect result of all the operations done by the devices installed, and if the case, by all the machines of the line.

NOTE: detailed information and instructions on the machine, on the adjustment, use, maintenance, and spares parts, are available on the handbook supplied with the machine