DPC 30 E


DPC – Semiautomatic filling machine by Weight

0. Description of the basic machine
Series of filling machines suitable for any kind of liquid product, in rigid containers, from 0,5 to 60 kg.
Fully pneumatic operated.
Model identification: DPC 5-30-60 (the number corresponds to the Max scale capacity, in kgs)

1. Connections to the power nets:

a. The machine is operated by compressed air at 6 Bar (minimum pressure for a reliable running: 5 Bar)
b. The machines equipped with a load cell scale need to be fed by electric power, as well, at 220V – 50 Hz except for specific request.

2. Preliminary adjustments
a. To adjust the filling head, 1÷2 cm higher than the upper edge of the containers to be worked out.
To lock the filling head by the handle on the support.
b. To adjust the closing press, as follows:
To switch OFF the compressed air.
To push down, by hands, the pressing tool, (plate or crimping pincer), up to the end of the pneumatic cylinder stroke.
To adjust the press height up to get the pressing tool in contact with the upper edge of the containers to be worked out.
To lock in position.
To switch ON the compressed air: the pressing tool will rise up, in rest position.
c. To set the scale.
The machine carries out the filling operation in two stages:
Coarse filling, Max opening of the nozzle to fill approximately 80÷90% of the final weight.
Topping up, partial automatic closing of the nozzle, to fill up to 98÷99% of the final theorical weight, considering the “flying product” when the scale sends the signal of the final weight got.
The sharing of the filling, in those two stages, will be very important, determining the output capacity and the accuracy of the filling operation.
Mechanical scale
The two stage limits, (figures), can be setted by the adjustment of the position of two proper pneumatic sensors, on the dial scale.
Load cell scale
To set the two stage limits by the keyboard of the scale

3. Operation
To connect the machine to the nets:
- Compressed air
- Electric power
- Product
To put one empty container under the filling head.
To push START, (two push buttons if the machine is ready for filling and closing).
The machine completes the two stages of the filling cycle in automatic mode.
It is suggestable to check the weight of the first 2÷3 containers and, if the case, to adjust, (to modify), the data setted or the partial closing of the nozzle by the knobs on the control box of the filling head.
To move the full container, in closing station, and to put the cover over it.
To put the next empty container under the nozzle.
To switch ON the press on the main control board.
To push, with both the hands, START: the machine, in automatic mode carries out the two stages of the filling cycle and the closure of the container previously filled

NOTE: detailed information and instructions on the machine, on the adjustment, use, maintenance, and spares parts, are available on the handbook supplied with the machine