About us


1945 . End of the second world war;
. Italy, semidistroyed, takes the way of a difficult redevelopment, both moral and material;
. Courage, ingeniousness, needs, help to push, to operate: everyone tries to find out his own way and solution;
. By a mechanical technician, expert in sewing machine maintenance and repair, it borns a first little shop able to built simple flat knitting machine, wich will be officially introduced, for the first time in the market, during the Milan Trade Fair, on 1947;
. That “factory” becomes, in the following years, one of the main Italian manufacturers of knitting machines, with an important presence in the whole world market;
. The fast technology development and evolution in the knitting machine field, finds the Italian manufacturers in trouble to compete with the main German and Japanese ones.
1977 . It is essential, then, to act in some alternative way, in order to be able to go on and to survive;
. IMMEA must make a radical reorganization, on the management, on the employes, and obviously on the products as well, to enter new markets, new fields, with a growing future, as packaging in general, could be;
. IMMEA has completed its vital cycle in the textile field, but does not die, it modifies itself in IMMEA DOSATRICI;

IMMEA DOSATRICI Srl, located in Rovato (BS – Italy) can count on a very flexible structure, suitable to operate with versatility, to solve the wide range of problems that the market presents: IMMEA DOSATRICI replays with a technical staff, that studies tailored solutions, an assembling department composed by technicians mainly of high level, and furthermore, making use of a large number of sub-suppliers for the components construction;
Company philosophy: reliability, safety for the machine operators, environmental respect, and at least, but not last, the best prompt service to the Customers.
Timidly entered, by little steps, in the packaging world, up to day we, IMMEA Dosatrici, are in condition to grant the best solutions to any need in filling and dosing liquid products, and relevant packing all types of rigid containers, in shape and size.
IMMEA Dosatrici has built its image and reputation for the quality and reliability during more than 25 years, by the research activity, the care and attention to the Customer needs.