Automatic filling machines

These machines, sometime very complicated have dimension very different, given by the number and of the types of the devices installed and of the number of the operation to be done.

They can have or more filling heads by weight (mechanical or load cell scale) or by volume (each one of the sizes indicated for the semiautomatic fillers).

The control system of the machine/line can be pneumatic or electronic (PLC), in normal or ex-proof version.

Because the very large range of needs and different production, all the automatic fillers/line, by IMMEA, are properly studied and built on the base of the specifics of each Customer; the standard concept of machine building cannot be adopted: all the automatic machines are tailored made, case by case.

The automation level of any realization, would be, as well according to the Customer demand and request.

As a complete and definitive description of all the solutions that IMMEA can offer, is not possible, we suggest to get one idea giving a look to some of the following examples.