FILLING MACHINE for liquid products

Special machinery to fill liquid products in rigid containers, proper studied for the chemical and food Industry.

IMMEA Dosatrici, furthermore, is part of a pool of Companies, manufactures of complementary machines, to supply complete automatic lines, to carry out all the operation from pallet of empty containers to pallet of packaged products; IMMEA, then, is able to supply global solution, granting functionally, reliability, and service for each part of the line by its own technicians.

The IMMEA solutions are applicable both for “normal” environments and for dangerous ones, as well: this by the realization of machine operated and controlled, by PLC (electronic) control, in ex-proof version.

The wide range of filling machine, by IMMEA, includes:

  • Semiautomatic and automatic
  • By weight and by volume
  • On line and rotative
  • Normal and ex-proof version
  • From thin product to paste

Indicative limit ranges:

  • Viscosity from 50 cp to 100.000 cp
  • Volume from 50 cc to 30.000 cc
  • Weight from 100 gr to 3.000 kg
  • Output capacity up to 4.000 pcs/h of 1 lt
  • Can size Ø min 60 mm Ø max 1.000 mm

All the IMMEA fillers are built in accordance with D.Lgs. 17/2010 (Directive machine 2006/42/CE) and approved by the Metrical office (D.M. n°361810 on 9 June 1994, Ministry of Industry)

The accuracy, with a filler properly adjusted, is within the limits requested by the law 25 October 1987 n°690 and DPR 26 May 1980 n°391, Italian version of the European Directive n°76/211.