Semiautomatic filling line

Range of machines, very simple and not so big; the operator has to handle the cans:

  • Feeding and positioning on the operating stations;
  • Feeding and placing covers and/or caps;
  • To push the START button (by both two hands in case of a machine equipped with the closing press);
  • To stitch the label, if the case.

All the machines supplied with proper wheels and castors for an easy moving in the work position and adjustable feet.

As normal equipment the requested proper closing unit: press, crimping pincer or screw.

The filling can be done:

BY WEIGHT The filler is equipped with a mechanical scale, pneumatically controlled or by a load cell scale in normal or ex-proof version (certificated) if the case of solvent based products or installation in azardous area.

Suitable for: weight: 100 gr ÷ 3.000 kg

Viscosity: 50 cp ÷ 100.000 cp

BY VOLUME The filling head, in all cases installed in vertical position, can be supplied in the sizes:

  • 50 cc ÷ 2.700 cc
  • 100 cc ÷ 5.600 cc
  • 250 cc ÷ 8.100 cc
  • 500 cc ÷ 20.900 cc

Pneumatically operated can be installed even in hazardous area.

The volume range, by a single stroke, could be repeated in automatic mode on request, in order to double the capacity.

All the filling heads by volume, are supplied with the automatic washing system.

Suitable for: volume: 50 cc ÷ 41.800 cc

Viscosity: 50 cp ÷ 100.000 cp