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Immea Macchine Dosatrici

We count on a structure extremly flexible, able to operate with flexibility, reliability, seriousness according to market requirements.

Quality is our main purpose, functionality, machinability, reliability and safety for people and for environment. The company has built its image thanks to a long time research for over than 30 years of hard work commitment, and attention to customer requirements in the realizatio of the customized filling systems.

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macchina dosatrice immea rovato brescia automatica volumetrica
macchina dosatrice liquidi chimici
lavorazione macchine dosatrici immea rovato
macchina dosatrice ponderale immea dasatrici liquidi oli vernici inchiostri
macchina dosatrice ponderale liquidi pressa tappi


The company’s production is referred mainly on chemical sector, specifically companies that require to pack liquid and semi-liquid products. Italian and Foreign Chemical industries, specifically for coatings, stick products, inks, resins. mineral oil.



Our production

IMMEA realizes its production to chemical sector, to companies that require filling and packaging of liquid products such as coatings, solvents, inks, resins, stucchi, mineral oils and chemnical liquid products in general.


Thanks to the partnership with leasder companies in the field, we can suggest packaging lines from the mixture of raw material up to pallettization.

Automatic filling machines

Automatic filling machines for big productions suitable to a wide adapatation of trays

Semi-automatic fillers machines

Compact semi-automatic machines where the operators execute manually all the operations.

Packaging Lines

With the co-operation of leader partner, we can supply complete solutions for packaging
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